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What exactly does the app do?

SmartMoof provides an enhanced experience for your VanMoof ride (Electrified or SmartBike).


- Speedometer
- Battery indicators
- Various odometers
   - Trip distance
   - Distance since last charging
   - Lifetime distance
- Top Speed
- Average Speed
- Timer
- Error code readout
- Dark and light themes with automatic switching based on ambient brightness
- Data access even when you are away from your bike

Why is SmartMoof asking for my user credentials?
SmartMoof needs your user credentials in order to receive the encryption key that is necessary for communicating with your bike. The credentials are stored locally in the Keychain.
What is my username and password?
Please log in with the same credentials that you used for the official app. Your bike needs to be registered in your account before you can log in with my app.
Which smartphone mount is shown in the video?
It is the Quad Lock mount.
Where can I submit feedback? / My question was not answered
There is an ongoing discussion in the VANMOOF ing group on Facebook. If you don't want to use Facebook, you can send an email to